Our life members

We would like to acknowledge and celebrate those who have made a considerable contribution to the BFNC over the years.
NameYear nominated
Gary Battye
Kevin "Chick" Bennett
Robert "Chopper" Stannard (dec)
Graham Brien
Andrew Collins
Joan Collins (dec)
Ellie Costigan
Cheryl Gannon
Ron "Darky" Hayward (dec)
Gwen Koop
Lou Lettieri
Dave McDonald
Ray Nicholls (dec)
Dot Nicholls
Russel Parsons
Bill & Marg Phillips
Pete Wardrope
Donald "Wogga" Wheadon
Damian & Sue Melican2007
Craig Phillips
Pat Whelan2011
Simon Hill2012
Peter Bateson2012
Jim Gannon2015
Luke Phillips2016
Matthew Gannon2016