BFNC and BCC T20 – Community Christmas Extravaganza

Sunday December 20, Birre Rec Reserve

After the dullest year of all time, it’s time to get together for some fun.

Footballers/ netballers- put your name down to be part of the team Darra is pulling together to take on the Birre cricketers in a T20 game for the ages.

That means you: Chez, Abbey, Tree, Sarah, Dozer, Stevs, Wez, Shaq, Nelso Mrs Nelso, Darce, Saskia, Indy, Jarz, Joely, Micky D, and anyone else who fancies themselves with bat or ball or both.

The Cricketers will be captained by Jack Mel, who’s already claiming Jimmy Rowan is a cricketer (currently with the steward’s, decision pending). Word on the street is Mel’s dead keen, so let’s get a footy/ netty team together to take his team down. 

This will be a community and family day, starting early-to-mid arvo with a barbie or similar to follow.

Get on board, get in the nets, and get yourself back to Birre and back around your mates. We’ve earned a celebration.

Further details to follow, but for now just put your hand up for selection. Selections can include netballers in either side – captains call.