BFNC 2018 Presentation Night

7pm – 10pm, 21st September  @ Birre Hall


7pm       Welcome and acknowledgments (Mick)

Sarah Henderson (announcement) _______________________________________________________________________

  • U13 Netty (Karen Hart)
  • U15 Netty (Megan Collins/ Alesha Hammond)
  • U14.5 Footy (Matt)
  • Canteen cheque/ Social Committee wrap up (Lisa/ Ron/ Karen Jarvis/ Roberta)
  • U17 Netty (Sala Spowart/ Serema Spowart)
  • U17.5 Footy (Barney)
  • Thank yous (gifts / acknowledgements) (Mick)
  • Club Person of the Year (Dave Drayton)
  • Life Members – new inductee (Damian Melican)


8.30pm Supper (pizza)


  • Tool of the year (John Cotton)
  • C Netty (Jess wood)
  • B Netty (Kirsty Kelly)
  • Res Footy (Andrew Green)
  • A grade Netty (Sarah Breed)
  • Sen Footy (Jack Moorfoot)
  • 9.50pm Close (Mick)